Issue No.5 Launched!

July 13th, 2017


I am pleased to announce the launch of the new issue of Organs Everywhere, Ghostly, which peers into phantasms, shaky boundaries, experimental design interfaces and speculative futures with fantastic contributions by (in order of appearance) Alessandro De Francesco, Brunella Antomarini, Lev Manovich, Jordan Geiger, Raphael Sperry, Ling Tan, Miriam Simun, Rachel Armstrong, Catie Newell, Bob Sheil, Thomas Pearce, Gregory Barton, Simone Ferracina, Tim Maughan, Nicolas Nova, Julian Bleecker, Fabien Girardin, Nick Foster, Anne-Gaëlle Amiot, Zenovia Toloudi and Stuart Munro. Thank you to the authors for their generosity and patience…and look out for another announcement shortly regarding exciting news for the (printed) future (and past) of Œ!

The journal is also digitally augmented: follow the ‘organseverywhere’ channel on the Aurasma app (iPhone & Android) to view a film by Alessandro de Francesco (trigger image on pages 16 and 17), and follow the ‘modernlovers’ channel to find many of Stuart Munro’s evocative photographs extended into films and audiovisual compositions. Finally, find here below the original musical composition “Photodotes III” by composer Reuben Son, which you can listen to while reading Zenovia Toloudi’s “Hacking Light.”

Enjoy and/or download the new issue here!