Organs Everywhere (Œ) is an independent online journal that, since 2010, has been active in promoting conversations that approach architectural design from the edges of the discipline, plunging it into a strange fabric of marginal and experimental practices that fundamentally question its boundaries, technologies, methods and (e)valuation systems through the eyes of architects, designers, philosophers, artists, science fiction writers, activists, poets, and scientists. The journal values transdisciplinary, speculative and irreverent explorations over strict publishing formats and academic purity/orthodoxy, promoting a profanatory and open-ended research ethos. We seek investigations with the potential to redraw the disciplinary map of architecture and design, with a particular interest in hertzian space, cyborgian extensions, wet/living technologies, material computation, augmented reality, design fiction, prototyping, queer and monstrous ecologies, responsive and adaptive design, radical and exaptive modes of inhabiting, post-natural futurism, up-cycling, and alternative notational systems.

Œ Case Files is a joint imprint of Punctum Books and Organs Everywhere, of which it publishes annual anthologies. Select articles are curated/reformatted into a fresh cartography of associations, gaps, juxtapositions, and thematic clusters. Each volume collects documents that probe possibilities and illuminate questions, rather than proposing conclusive sets of positions or solutions. Please visit the imprint page, read more about its titles to date, and order copies of the books here.

Dr. Simone Ferracina is the founder and editor of Organs Everywhere and the Director of the ΠCase Files imprint. He is a Lecturer in Architectural Design/Detail at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA). His interests span architectural technology, ecology and philosophy.